Casual Linked-in Pictures

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I was recently at a conference where there was a presentation on how media impacts our work and how we can have a much better impact through some new techniques.  One of the focuses was on your Linked In profile.  The recommendation was for a casual picture that pretty much makes you look like you don’t even work at all.  Not saying they are wrong, but this says something about our culture.  Does professionalism still exist?  Is it still important?  What was it like when you were a kid?

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  1. Well, I like to think that I am still a kid but I am getting to be somewhere in between. At the start of my career in IT, I saw things in a very professional way. People followed processes and general business elements existed in IT. As I’ve spent longer in IT, I’ve seen that in order to attract younger people, the IT departments had to start becoming more flexible. Young IT workers want a lively and fun environment. Professionalism is often simply the lack of unprofessional actions. As long as I am not a schmuck I am professional enough. As far as casual pictures, companies have quite the array of differences in dress code. From Steve Jobs to executives at small companies, you can’t even draw a consistent comparison.

    When I was a kid though, I had to have a lot more respect for authority figures at work then I see now. Now, the authority figures have to plead indirectly to get subordinates to do what they want. You don’t just go around and give orders to the people are getting paid to do whatever it is they do. That’s absurd!

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