Statue of Liberty Torch

Once in awhile, your child may need a part for the Halloween costume and you realize that is the perfect time to fire up your CNC machine. My daughter is going to be a Statue of Liberty for Halloween and I volunteered to cut out the torch. I just got my CNC machine a few weeks ago and have been trying to find real uses for it so I am not just cutting wood pointlessly. This was a good example and let me practice the idea of layering different elements.


You can see the parts all laid out in the software. I am using VCarve Pro 7.0 which came with my CNC Shark Black Diamond machine. The design was pretty easy to set-up, but it was my first time planning parts to fit together. I used the allow extra feature when making pockets that I would fit other parts into. In the end, I made too large of an allowance and would try to keep that in mind.


One of the biggest problems I run into is how deep to cut in order to get through the wood. It seems as though I am always working with warped wood since I store it in my garage. This means that I often don’t cut deep enough to produce a cut-out and sometimes cut too deep and don’t have strong enough tabs holding my material in place. The two clamps I have are just not enough to flatten a warped board.

My machine ran and was finished in about 15 minutes. This run I used a 3/16 upwards cutting end mill. I still don’t push it as fast as I could as I am getting used to everything. A minor fix I had to make from the design was I could tell that the allowance I made in the pocket that holds the flame was in the wrong direction. That meant it made the pocket a little smaller instead of a little larger. So I left the board where it is and quickly made a new tool path to fix the issue.


The assembly was easy with some wood glue. I am leaving it to my daughter and wife to take care of the painting. That isn’t my department!

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