Simple Painted 2×4 Bench


I put together this 2×4 bench, but cannot take credit for the design. The design came from Ana White and her plans for a Providence Bench at This bench was fairly simple to put together. The most complicated part is cutting some of the angle and bevel cuts. With the right equipment, that isn’t too difficult.

The tools required to build this, or at least used in this design were the following: Miter Saw, Measuring tape, Rafter Angle, Drill, Circular Saw, Belt Sander and Painting supplies.

Since the beauty of this bench is that you should be able to build it from supplies laying around the house, I ended up using a few twisted 2×4 boards. The only supplies needed are about five 8-foot 2×4 and a bunch of 2 1/2 inch wood screws. Painting is optional but really gives it a nice touch since it is created with everyday dimensional lumber. Once assembled, the four boards on top were pretty twisted and the ended up being the only reason that the belt sander was needed. It was used to try and flatten the bench top a bit.

Although you may build this as an outdoor bench, it looks great indoors. It has been located in our dining room along a wall next to our patio door. This is a great location for sitting and looking outside or getting your shoes on. The real reason we placed it there is just how cool it looks all painted and put together. It is so hard to believe that it was made with 2×4 boards.

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