Reclaimed Wood Wall Finished

I am in the process of building a new workshop in my gReclaimed Wood Wallarage.  I am pretty much complete and wanted to show the finished part of my reclaimed wood wall.  The wood was from a local university wood shop and had just been sitting around.  I ripped the 10-12 inch wide boards to about 3 inches and made the pattern on the wall.

I don’t know what species of wood is all on the wall.  I tried to mix the light and dark to create a nice pattern.  The boards were secured with construction adhesive as well as 2 inch 16 gauge brads shot in with a nail gun.  I had to get them into the studs behind the wall for there to be any benefit as they just slip right out of the drywall.  I feel bad for whoever will want to take this wall down some day but with how pleased I am with the results I know it won’t be me.Reclaimed Wood Wall Close

The empty drywall area is where one of my workbench stations will go.  Can’t wait to do some work with this in the background.

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