Kids Name Plates

Dan Lauerman has created these name plates for his kids. Using just some cheap “white wood” from Lowes, a scroll saw and his new router he was able to finish these as he was looking. The names were cut out as one piece but the wood was too weak to support some of the thin parts of the letters and broke multiple times. Next time, for just a few cents more for this project pine would definitely be used in place of the white wood.


The paint was just done with some standard spray paint in a gloss finish and three layers. Sanding was very difficult with the small spacing between letters. A more bubble like letter would probably be better.

So what is white wood? It appears just to be a really soft wood. Some research leads me to believe that it is basswood but that it could also change from time to time from a specific distributor. It would probably be a good idea to stay away from this wood for anything you want to be a quality finished product.


Overall material cost was pretty low. Two of the boards at 4 feet long were about $3.60. Two cans of spray paint would cost about $7.00 and leave some paint to spare. Upping this to using pine would add only a few dollars and more quality. The nice thing about whitewood is how easy it is to sand, however it tends to stay very pitted even with rigorous sanding.

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