Men Need to Create

It’s not that I don’t want to wash the dishes honey. It’s just that there are a lot of things I want to do more and the dishes just don’t get to me like they get to you. For today, I am convinced to bring value to your life. Forget the dishes, honey! You won’t care either when you see what I can make out of a small engine, trash can lids and the pile of wood I told you I would use some day. Um, by the way I am going to need to borrow the engine off your moped. So sit back, relax and grab the phone in case you smell smoke.

Men Need Time to Create

Men need time to be creative. I’ve met many guys who get really excited about making something. Whether it is building, brewing, fixing, coding, writing, designing or even just dreaming, the idea of what can be created by one’s hands is often a very exciting thought. Creative outlet is good for a man and often gives him a chance to feel as though he is contributing to something. Every man likes different things and some only find this outlet in a workshop while others may only find it in front of a piece of paper or canvas.

This desire to create should not be hindered. It is revitalizing and life giving. Many men express a desire for their career to give them this outlet. It is easy to envy those in a career where people get paid for what you enjoy as a hobby. You think about whether that is something you could get a job doing. It is probable that most men would love to run a successful business out of their garage making things that people think are cool and would pay for. Having work that gives a man personal satisfaction is very important and should be sought out as at least a hobby if not a career. Often, the flexibility of creating is better kept as a hobby to avoid adding pressures and deadlines. You would not want to spoil the creativity of a hobby by having to work within very tight guidelines that don’t allow you to be at all expressive.

How Do I Balance My Time to Create?

We think you should create but we also know that you need balance. That means that you should first fulfill your most important responsibilities. It is counter productive when a hobby or work takes over your life and causes things to suffer that are much more important. These could include your family, your health and your overall balance in life. Don’t let the revitalizing nature of creating become the very thing that drains you of your energy and happiness. Make sure that your time for creating is within moderation. If you can accomplish multiple things at once then go for it. You may be able to incorporate your family members in a project. This is a great way to connect with your children, especially if you have a very disconnected relationship already.

Take time and create. Let it help you be a more fulfilled man but also hold the reins so your life doesn’t get out of balance.

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