Homemade Tortilla Press

This homemade tortilla press project sure is cool. It is made out of red oak, stained with a red oak stain and finished with polyurethane to protect the wood. This was made by Dan Lauerman and his dad. Tools used in the process include a band saw, a scroll saw, a router and lots and lots of sandpaper.


A tortilla press is used mainly to make corn tortillas. They are difficult to roll out by hand and a tortilla press is often used by families who make corn tortillas. The ingredients are simple, mainly consisting of instant masa flour available from a local grocery store or Mexican store. Simply add water per the instructions on the package and use this tool to squash the dough balls into perfectly formed corn tortillas.


Corn tortillas are a staple ingredient in Mexican cooking and are very tasty. You can buy them at the store but why do that when you can make them at home.

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