Fixing a Bent Rim on a Basketball Hoop

We like free stuff. In fact, we like free stuff so much we often take it even when it is broken or in rough shape. That’s the case with a recent basketball hoop we picked up.  The hoop had obviously fallen down onto the rim at some point because the normally round rim was looking a little more oval than one would hope. How to fix this bent rim? Since I am not real experienced with metals, I have been trying to contemplate how to get this oval back to a circle.  When I was about to give up and just order a new rim for the hoop, an excellent idea came to me.  I can use my car jack to expand the rim back to it’s original shape.  It worked well, not perfectly, but the hoop is now usable.  And for free, can’t be beat!

Now that has left me trying to think of all of the other uses for my jack other than lifting cars. I’ll post back if I think of anything cool. Do you have any additional uses for a jack that you would like to share?

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