Marital Compromise Wurk’d for Me

The living room is the perfect place for a guitar amp!

Compromise is an essential practice of healthy marriages. That’s probably my psychologist/family coach line I would say if I were a professional at this. But I’m not so all I can do is tell about my own experiences. I wanted to tell everyone how marital compromise worked in my case.   I know that I sure can get stuck in my wants at times and can’t see things working out someone else’s way.  With marriage, decisions are better when they aren’t just to satisfy one of the two, but when they are the desires of both.  That can’t always happen though and compromise is the next best mechanism to keeping peace.

Compromise should end as close as possible to the disagreement.  Compromise isn’t you get what you want and in three months I’m going to use this for some random thing I want as if it is my turn to get my way.  It’s more like I can handle you getting your way in this because how you feel about your way is much stronger than how I feel about my way.

That happened recently for my wife and I.  She wanted a different couch and always wanted a sectional.  I wanted to keep the couch that we had that was ripping in multiple places because at least when it ripped it was already that way.  A new couch would mean trying to keep it in good order and nice looking (for me).  When you have kids in the house, I would compare this to trying to keep the dogs from eating scraps that fall on the floor.

Anyway, I gave in.  We bought the couch and we moved it into our house.  Since it was a sectional there was a large space in the corner open where the couch was round.  I eyed it up and decided that it would be the perfect place for my guitar amp which is never conveniently around when I want to use it.  Hesitantly wondering if that would ever pass the “is a guitar amp appropriate for the living room test” I brought it up anyway.

Now I sit on a couch (comfy if I must add) and can pull a guitar out from behind it and turn the amp on and play.  It all turned out quite nice!

The living room is the perfect place for a guitar amp!
The living room is the perfect place for a guitar amp!


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