Slow Down, Jack!

Who Has Time to Slow Down?

I don’t know many people anymore who really know the difference between the speed of light and the speed of life.  Did you ever feel like everyone else in the world sets the pace by which you live life? Have you ever tried to take control?  Did it work?  Am I slowing you down too much with all these questions?

This would be a prime moment to tell you to picture yourself on your death bed.  That only leads me to another question though.  Why is it that no one seems to find that activity to be creepy?  Am I supposed to picture myself soothed and melancholy at the end of a long life where I am somehow know I am just about to pass from old age?   I don’t think that is the typical person’s end of life scenario but I will refrain from being too morbid.

Anyway.  I don’t think end of life, death bed scenarios are necessary to consider the thought.  Simply looking at your life so far…do you wish you would have gotten to where you are currently at in life any faster?  Have the days that it has taken to get to where you are right now been inconveniently slow?  You may have had some pretty rough days that you wish could have gone a lot faster.  We all have had days and times like that.  That’s not really what I am talking about though.

What I imagine is that  none of us would have traded our best days to simply get where we are now any faster.   So why trade our future best days to get anywhere we may be someday any faster?  Are you living life like you are on a ride or like you are simply headed to a destination.  More appropriately are others allowing you to enjoy the ride or are they simply pushing you to a destination.  By others, that could mean society in general.

There are all kinds of influences that say you need to climb the ladder, reach a goal, accomplish something and make progress.  Too seldom do we question why we are throwing away our own days for those “needs”.

Take Control

At the end of the day, I want to focus on what’s still left of the day.  Not for what more I can accomplish but for enjoying the time I still have.  That’s not really possible unless I choose to slow down.  There are a lot of forces that try to drive my time in a certain direction.  It’s my choice to let them or not.  Of course, I need to work.  I need to take care of things around the house.  I need to put effort into friendships.  I don’t however have to climb the ladder.  I don’t have to have a perfectly maintained house, car and yard.  I don’t have to have more friendships than I can handle.  I don’t have to own things that take too much of my time.  I don’t have to compete for a raise if I already make enough.

It’s all up to you, really.  You may think others are to blame for the speed of your life but it’s really in your hands.  While it is easy and fun to entertain urges to get somewhere specific in life, it is fulfilling to focus on what is happening right now.  So, slow down, Jack!

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