Men Who Hunt and Gather

I am guessing that in today’s world, most people would say that men hunt and gather when they go to their job and earn income for their families.  It’s basically the same thing, right?  The point is to put food on the table and maybe have some extra that can be traded for other items that are needed in the household.  So men hunt and gather when they consistently show up for work, right?  They get the same amount of satisfaction from a paycheck that can be used to buy food at a grocery store, right?

I really don’t think so.  I think men get much more satisfaction out of actually bringing the food from the wild and setting it before their wife and kids, regardless of how they turn up their noses.  I am currently working towards hunting my first animal ever that will be food on the table.   I am very intrigued by the timeless process which I have never really taken part in.  I have caught fish and ate them, but hunting seems to be a next level for me.  I can tell you that the thoughts and excitement I have about hunting an animal seems to come from something natural inside.

Think about the movie City Slickers for a moment.  That movie makes a lot of men think about how cool it would be to get out into the wild and do “man” things.  That’s because we have the desire to do things like get dirty, kill our food and enjoy the adventures provided us in nature.  Why can’t we be cowboys?  Dressing up in business casual and sitting at a desk all day is nothing like we are wired to love.  Maybe some are.  It is likely they still make secret plans of living off the land in between emails and presentations.

Come on guys…face it.  You know you have thought about getting some land and living off of it.  You wondered what it would be like to feel the satisfaction from that.  You even take vacation from the office or factory job to go out and hunt your own food.  Don’t try to tell me that its just a sport and you wouldn’t want to do it more.

If you’ve never had the desire to hunt or fish, than I have to wonder what happened to you along the way.  I am not avid in any way.  I don’t fish much.  I’ve still never hunted.  But I am often intrigued.  And I am endlessly wishing I could just provide for my family within the bounds of the land that I own.

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