My Jointer Restoration Project

I picked up this old jointer at a Restore in my area which now means I have a jointer restoration project.  I didn’t need any new projects right now but  I have wanted a jointer for awhile to help me work with the woods than I typically find…rough and warped.  I just can’t pay the cost for the nicer ones and I hate paying $300-$400 for the cheaply made little ones.  So I found something about the smallest size I would want but very heavy duty for $130.Jointer-Restoration-03

It is an old Delta.  Can’t figure out yet how old but it sure looks old.  It’s in wonderful condition behind the tarnished metal and will look great when I am finished.  The stand needs to be rebuilt and I need to find some new blades.  Then clean it and polish and I will be ready to go.  I am very excited about this and hopefully Jointer-Restoration-01have something to brag about when it is finished.

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