A Successful Attempt at Smoking on the Grill


I have to admit a downfall in my own manliness.  I cannot smoke ribs.  I just don’t seem to know what I’m doing or as I read all kinds of suggestions I am smoked-chicken-readymaybe just following the worst ones.  Smoking ribs is an ability that any man should have.  Well, if you don’t eat meat then maybe it’s not for you.  I’m sure you could smoke vegetables and they would probably be some of the best vegetables you’ve ever had.

I haven’t wanted to give up on smoking meat though so I have a attempted a few times.  Last year for my birthday, that is what I wanted to do.  I didn’t want to go anywhere but simply stay home and get to try smoking something.  Again, I was dissappointed.  Temperature doesn’t seem to be my issue although I find myself fluctuating +/- about 50 degrees from my goal.  I can create smoke, that isn’t the issue.  For pork, it has always just come down to the tenderness that I wasn’t happy with.

But, there is hope.  I have found a process and recipe that has worked amazing for me.  It has renewed my hope in my ability to learn more about grilling.  I have to give full props to Kevin Haberberger for this one.  It wasn’t pork.  It wasn’t beef.  But it was good and looked beautiful too.  Check out Kevin’s article about smoking a whole chicken at http://www.extraordinarybbq.com/smoked-whole-chicken/.  I was skeptical that mine would come out as well as he made it sound but it really did.

smoked-chicken-on-grillMy wife loved it and said it was the most tender chicken she has ever had.  It lacked a little in smoke flavor because I didn’t keep my chip box well supplied during the process but that is easy to fix.  I also didn’t have lemons in the house so I used lemon juice.  The bird turned a beautiful brown that I never expected, tasted great and just fell apart when trying to serve it.  I am excited to smoked-chicken-dinnermake it again and maybe just add a little more smoke to the picture.  My wife is having visions of turkeys and Thanksgiving.  We will have to wait and see about that…


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