Tip #1 – Jump Start Your Compost Cooking

Compost piles need some specific conditions before they start to “cook”.   The compost process relies on the heat generated by the breakdown of items in the mix to speed up the process.  Without the right activators though, this can take a long time especially if the pile is very dry or very cold.  That is why you see compost bins for sale, often dark in color to absorb heat from the sun to help cook the concoction placed inside.  If you want a larger compost pile though, these small bins are not often sufficient.  A good way to solve this is by placing a portable green house over your pile to help the sun set the cooking in motion.  These can be available for under $100 and have many different uses around the homestead.  Keep it over your compost pile over winter, start your seeds in spring, grow some late season leafy greens in fall.

Compost is gold for your garden.  If you aren’t saving kitchen scraps for this free and wonderful fertilizer than you should consider starting.

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