Rain Would Be A Good Thing

I finally have all this land this year to try out some gardening.  I really hoped to have an abundance of home grown food but I am battling nature quite a bit.  Although I have had all the sunshine one could ask for to create a successful garden, during the last month we have been highly lacking in the precipitation side of things.

I did pull out my elephant garlic today.  I bought  4 cloves last fall and planted them over winter.  All 4 sprouted but only 2 really held on strong.  The 2 that didn’t work out so well still had a good bulb on them, but are a bit slimy and I don’t know if they will turn out once dried.  The other 2 were a little bigger but were inhibited a bit by the rock hard soil they ended up in.  I thought I put enough peat moss in to prevent that but I know now that it was not enough.  Between the 4, I ended up with 17 new little starts that I will get in the ground later this year before fall.  For now they are safely tucked away in my basement.

I thought growing would be easy, but I am sure having my fair share of struggles.  I thought I would be writing all these entries this summer about successful gardening but apparently you aren’t an expert after your first year.  Thank goodness, that sure would be boring.

I will just continue trying things while spending a lot more time than expected watering and way more water pumped into my cesspool of a pond while watching my apples with spots all over ripen.  I’m really trying to not start pouring chemicals into my yard all over the place. I guess that means I need to get a little more creative.  And I need more friends that are doing it the same way.

The best looking things in my yard are in my kids garden.  They have pepper plants that have well surpassed mine and a number of pumpkins on vines that are creeping all over the place.

Hope you all are having better luck!

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