Putting Our Roots Where There’s Room to Grow

Moving to the Country

It is finally happening!  We’re moving to the country.   We just have to make it past the bank underwriters, the home inspector, the water inspector, and the bank appraiser and then it is ours.  That home in the country for which we have watched for during the last few years.

My wife and I have thought very critically as to whether a house in the country would be right for us.  When people ask why we want to do that, it is often difficult to come up with an answer.  Yeah, I like the idea of having land.  We think it will be neat to have more garden space and maybe some animals we couldn’t have in the city.  For my wife and I it just seems like a better place to raise a family.  I don’t know why.  It just does.

We want our children to learn something different than all of the other children.  In the schools today, kids are taught what to think.  There is this box they are given to say this is the world and this is what you do in it.  This is what you believe about science.  This is the life you want.  You go to college after school and then look for an entry job where you can climb a ladder to nowhere.  This is the kind of country you live in.  This is whats wrong with things.  And it goes on and on.  They are only given room to create their own version of life if it doesn’t conflict with the life they are being taught they should have.

No thanks!  My boxes are getting packed and we can’t wait to get into the closest we can come to paradise here on earth.  The biggest dilemma so far is what to do first with all of that space and freedom!


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