Our First Hatching Day

New life is always exciting on the homestead.  Whether its seeds sprouting, eggs hatching or animals being birthed its an amazing process.  It also represents sustenance for many people, who rely on their own abilities to grow and raise their own food.  It can also be a little scary when you are trying something new for the first time.  For us, this is our first stab at hatching eggs.

The hatching day has arrived and our 21 day old eggs are ready to go.  But are they?  We have no idea.  This is the first time trying to hatch eggs for us and we are a little skeptical.  We tried to do everything right but there are just so many things that people say to do that are so specific it seems next to impossible.  I tried to keep a good humidity range but sometimes it wavered.  I set the right temperature but it didn’t always maintain perfectly.  I don’t know if I stored the eggs right while I was collecting them and waiting to set them.  I didn’t confidently know whether or not to sanitize them before putting them in the incubator.

Trying to learn how to do something on the internet is difficult because everyone has an opinion and it sure can make it difficult to decide on how to go about it the first time.  We are excited to see the results of this and to have some experience under our belts.  We have 3 hens and a rooster left from some chickens we bought about 8 months ago when we first moved to our home in the country.  The chickens have been a wonderful experience and the kids are excited to have some chicks again.

Don’t judge us but our lack of confidence in this process has caused us to also purchase some chicks from a few different places locally.  This helped us to make sure the brooder was ready to go and that we could tackle any problems before our chicks arrived.  We don’t want to be rushing to get something setup when the chicks finally come.  This has also helped tone down the excitement just a little so that if the day were to bring no chicks, we still have the excitement of the purchased ones, especially for the kids.

I’ve found it difficult to candle the brown eggs.  Maybe the light that came with my incubator just isn’t that great.  I had no problem candling the white pekin eggs and have found life in every single one of them.

Well, I will follow up with a review to let everyone know how it goes.  We are crossing our fingers.  We also have 15 more chicken eggs and 2 pekins due in 5 more days.  Then 5 more pekins 5 days later.  And in 25 days I have 8 red bourbon turkey eggs I bought from someone.  I am pretty excited about that!

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