Tip #2 – Easy Watering Solution for Animals

We happen to live on a piece of land that has a very wet ground.  This leads to our sump pump running fairly consistently around 10 months of the year, even when temperatures are freezing.  We decided to make good use of that water that we are already pumping and that we want directed further away from our house to fill a small pond for our chickens and ducks.  Over winter, this provided clean water for the birds until about mid-January and resumed again in early March.  This method took no work for us other than setting it up and didn’t require adding any additional fresh water line runs.  We also added some of the downspouts from our house into the pipe that leads to the small pond to get additional water.

This was the easiest winter watering solution I can think of and made use of already existing water and energy to pump that water.  Unfortunately you need to live somewhere with relatively wet ground for this to work most of the year.

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