Shadow of Your Wings

David.  A Musician.  A Poet.  A Leader. A King.  With earthly wealth that we can’t even imagine.  Do you ever wonder what it takes to make someone joyful that has that amount of power and authority?  David spelled it out for us.  He loved to to sing in the shadow of the wings of his God.

Read Psalm 63 and see for yourself.

That’s right.  He didn’t want to ride the wings.  He didn’t want to stand high on the wings for all to see.  He didn’t hide under the wings.  He didn’t ask God to move the wings because they were blocking his light.  He simply was joyful being in the shadow of the wings of a God that was so great and mighty.

David would know more than any of us.  He experienced the riches of the world.  He used things at his disposal and things that weren’t at his disposal for pleasure.  The amount of power he had been given surpassed what probably any of the Israelites imagined when they demanded a king.  But through all of that, he was joyful in the shadow of the wings of his God.

I think we can learn from this.  I personally can find myself getting caught up in desiring greatness.  Don’t get me wrong though.  Aside from the selfish reasons that are difficult to admit, I also see greatness as a tool to help spread the name of God.  Many people have used this as a tool to bring glory to God and do great things in his name.  I would be willing to bet though, like David, they did not receive it because they sought it.  They were given their earthly influence because they were people who loved to sit in the shadow of the wings of their God and just enjoy his presence.  They were people who took risks for God when they had little to gain.  They were people who said yes when asked.  And they were the people who just sat in the shadow when nothing was asked of them.

I struggle with that.  When God has not asked me to do something, I ask myself to do things for him.  I struggle to just enjoy the time he’s gifted me to spend in the shadow of his wings.  I can easily find things I think God needs done and who better to do them, right?  Let’s get this plan moving!

That is so far from what I think God really desires.  He’s given us the covering of his wings so that we can be close to him.  He shields us from the cares of the world when we allow ourselves to be under his wings.  And it is in that time that he prepares us for what he may call us to do outside of the shadow.  He prepares us for the times when we are to work in the places that he is shining.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to try and take advantage of my time under his wings.  I’m going to rest, be still, slow down my thoughts, end the pursuits I’ve created and live with him instead of for him.  Live relationship focused instead of task focused.  That sounds refreshing.

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