Come Out With Your Hands Up

God: Come out with your hands up!

Me: I’ll come out but if I put my hands up it will be easier for you to take me

God: And???

Me: Well, I’ve got these plans to share you with others. If you take me now I might miss out on some opportunities to share YOUR news with others.


Me: Um. God? What’s so funny?

God: I was just visualizing what happens if I set you loose with your plans. I mean…you think that will work?

Me: It’s the best I got. C’mon. Stop laughing.

God: Ok. But will you just wait for me? I’ve got this and you’re going to like how it unfolds.

That seems to be the story of my life. I may have an idea and want to run with it. I get a little glimpse of something that could be and want to immediately develop it. I don’t have much of an ability to wait or leave control in someone else’s hands. I feel that there things in my life that God has used or is using to continue me on a path somewhere but I still don’t know where. I know how disheartening it is to wait. I know that I need to learn to step back and lot God accomplish his work while I just stay obedient, but being in the captain seat looks like fun. I may mess it up but sometimes even that is more appealing than simply waiting.

That is the stage I am in right now and I want to take advantage of the time to learn instead of trying to move ahead full steam. God has a plan. It’s either to do something or do nothing with me, but until he reveals that my efforts are futile. A question I often wrestle with is what makes a decision so big that I need to wait for God to provide a definite answer. I don’t think I need to wait on him to reveal what cereal I eat in the morning. I don’t spend my morning praying that he tells me the best way to drive to work for the day. At what point do I need divine revelation in regards to a decision if that decision is not in contradiction to any of his previous revelations (his word, his convictions, his revealed plans…).

And thus is my thoughts right now.

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