New Dad at Three Months

I had a son born early May and you are reaching my thoughts and descriptions on what life is like with a baby at various ages. I have two step daughters but I didn’t experience life with them as babies. Until my son was born I didn’t have much idea of what it was like having a baby. I am sharing those experiences and am now in the part of what it’s like being a new dad at three months old.

As diapers get larger so do the loads that they hold. Although that is not the most important thing I am noticing in month 3 with my son, it is the first thing that came to mind. He seems to like it a lot when I tell them how stinky they are. He also seems to think anything is funny that I tell him is not. I’m used to it though as it is the same with my seven and eight year old girls.

There has been a huge change recently in how he interacts. He follows movements more, reaches out for things and laughs a lot. I like to think he is really happy. I wish I laughed as easily as he does but I am also grateful that my laughs don’t turn to crying as easily as his do. When he wakes up he is very pleasant for a bit. It doesn’t take him more than a few minutes though to realize that he is hungry and it is time to satisfy the craving. He wants formula and wants it now. I enjoy how eagerly he sucks at the bottle when he is really hungry. It is more satisfying to feed him when he seems so hungry instead of much of the time when he just casually drinks.


Yes, my son is often a casual drinker. Not all the time. He can drink pretty quickly but when I want him to down a bottle he seems to know and drink purposefully slow. He will drink for a long time and it will seem like he hasn’t even taken any of it. It makes me glad that I don’t have to feed him from my breast because that would be really annoying.

He just started playing with toys that we give him. The way that he plays with toys, or anything for that matter, is he grabs them and sees how quickly he can coordinate the placement of them into his mouth. My wife often speaks on his behalf to let people know the perpetual question in his mind. The question is “how can I get you into my mouth?”.

He often sleeps through the whole night. Just a part of the way through month three we started getting up and swaddling him again instead of feeding him. It’s been working like a charm so far and he has been going all night without eating. Heck, he’s doing so well we are about to embark on a three night camping trip. It will be his time to shine.

We are now skipping a few days ahead. We have gone on our three night camping trip and I have to say I am impressed. The final night he was pretty inconsolable but it coincided with an over abundance of flatulence. I may have to admit I would have been the same way had I been experiencing the same thing. He slept well in a tent. Yes, people do still camp in tents. Only the final night where he had the gas did my wife get up and feed him. The other nights we continued the swaddle and back to sleep.

A quick disclaimer on the swaddling and going back to sleep thing I have been talking about. What you don’t see about the picture is that there is a singing seahorse that has a light up belly. This thing is probably the major reason he can just go back to sleep. You need to get a singing animal for your baby that can stay in the crib. Every time we put him in the crib, the seahorse goes on and lasts about ten minutes.

The raising a baby thing has been going real well so far. We are headed towards four months and seeing constant development that is exciting and fun. If there is anything that can make a grown man silly it would be a baby of his own. I never thought I would say stupid things to my baby when I had one but I definitely have joined the club. I just hope he doesn’t remember half the things I say to him some day!

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