New Dad at Ten Months

Here we continue to give you a view into the life of a new dad.  At least new to babies…

If I were to just think about how much times seems to have passed, I would say there is no way my son is 10 months old already.  Judging by the developments in his capabilities though its like he’s over a year old.  I can’t believe he is pulling himself to his feet, eating table scraps and giving me high fives.  His tooth spurt seems to be gone now and he has resorted to seldom new teeth instead of every few days.  The ones he has are growing in size and they are quite the chompers.

We fed him some corned beef in honor of St Patrick’s day and it was fun too watch him chew it.  He seems to now resort to chewing before just swallowing right away.  I also gave him a mini pretzel yesterday to see what would happen.  He handled it pretty well but often tried to fit too much at once.  Mostly he was happy just sucking the salt off.  He has basically become a garbage disposal.  It’s always fun to see what we can get him to try.  We are obviously still avoiding foods not recommended by our doctor, but we mostly have the go ahead that he can eat what we are eating.  Pretty soon I won’t be pouring money into the baby formula industry as much and can stop feeding him the worst tasting and most expensive powder I have every bought.  Wait…I take that back.  Starbucks VIA is even more expensive and really not that good.

My wife calls it cruising when he “walks” along the furniture. Apparently that may be an official name for this activity.  I think of cruising as what he does when he realizes he is being chased or about to be cutoff from doing something he knows he shouldn’t.  My son has not yet started normal crawling and probably won’t.  He seems completely satisfied with the army crawl and so am I.  It takes way more core strength to do which should help him when he is ready to walk.

Speaking of military, at this age he seems to have a lock-on system for anything he wants.  He sees something on the floor, on a table or across the room and his body aligns for the attack sequence.  His focus kicks in, his vision is locked and no obstacle will stop him.  When this sequence starts, it is impossible to end without  a little bit of crying.  Some things that initiate this sequence are my cell phone on the floor, the bathroom door left open, or the soda I just set down on the end table. To help build character I make sure to let him get as close as he can before I stop him.  That  keeps him trying.  Sometimes he gets the reward too.  I will let him keep my cell phone and celebrate his reward until it goes into his mouth. Then he sadly loses it.

Overall this is a very fun age.  At some ages I assume it is difficult to recognize the benefits of that given time and easy to look ahead to more development.  For me, I find this age a great one and don’t feel the need too move on.  I wouldn’t go back though either.  A baby who lays where you leave him is convenient but not as much fun.  When you are here simply take a breath (unless there is a poopy diaper from food), relax, and enjoy the ride and the chasing.

When it comes to verbalizing his needs, crying is still his main method.  He enjoys mimicking things he hears but I don’t feel his words or sylabels have much of an intention behind them.  He does recognize commands though although he may associate them with the opposite definition.  He knows “don’t touch” but seems to think it means “touch”.  He knows “stop” but seems to think it means “quick before they stop me”.  He’s got “high five”, “clap”, “yay!”, and a little song my wife made up pretty clearly.

One last note.  My wife and I made it onto a short cruise as we have wanted to for awhile.  Our 10 month old did great with his grandparents and even still liked us when we got home!

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