Be a Good Dad and Still Have Time

If you have kids you know it is often difficult to find time for the things that you want to do. It is a good idea to still have some hobbies and to take time to do things you enjoy. It is also important to give your kids the attention they need. Here are some ways to make sure you can still have time for the things you want to do without feeling like you have to ignore your kids or your wife.


1. Stay up later
Are you a night person? Maybe you can make it an extra hour at the end of the day and still get enough sleep. If so, stay up a little later than everyone else in your house to work on a project or develop a hobby. Even if it is just spending a little time playing video games you know you need some alone time.

2. Wake up earlier
Maybe you are a morning person. This isn’t much different than staying up later other than putting your extra time on the beginning of your day. Program your coffee pot to help you get a kick start and enjoy the peace of the morning for some alone time.

3. Include your kids
If the activity you want to do is something your kids can do with you then this is a win for you in many ways. Allow them to participate with you to not only do something you enjoy but to spend quality time together. An added bonus is that your kids may even develop a similar interest as you which is a great thing. Doing an activity together can provide a great platform to talk to your kids about important things that they otherwise may not be interested in listening to you about.

4. Stick to the time you ask for
You may have to specifically ask for the amount of time you want and schedule it into your week. It may not be convenient and it may not make everyone happy, but you know that it is important. If you must resort to this then make sure to be respectful to the time you do get and not go over or abuse the time. If you are taking the time to do something specific then you should make sure to do that.

5. Don’t completely separate yourself
If your hobby or activity is one that you can do in the same room as your kids watching TV or doing their homework, then don’t run off and hide to do it. Maybe you will encounter some additionally distractions, but it will still give your kids the idea that they can have your attention when needed. It will also give them a better idea of what you enjoy doing and help them to see you enjoying yourself in a positive way.

6. Make sure to communicate what you really want
Make sure to communicate specific requests you have for the time you want. If you want the time uninterrupted then communicate that. If everyone is under the same understanding about your personal time it will work best and prevent resentment. How your free time plays out might not be important to you as long as you get it. If you do have specific requests though it is best to be make sure everyone understands.

7. Set your priorities
If you are working long hours at a job to maintain a high standard of living that is desired but not necessary, then your hobbies should be the first thing to suffer. Your kids aren’t choosing the standard of living for your family so don’t make them lose out because of it. If you can cut hours at work or find a job that provides more time and still gives enough income to support your family, you will probably be much happier and have more time. This is a big change, but you will probably never regret it.

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