Dogs vs Ducklings

If it were a cage match between dogs vs ducklings, I think we would know who would win.  For my family though, it didn’t quite work that way.  Are you here wondering how to make your children (specifically speaking about elementary school aged girls) really happy?  Are you currently trying to decide between a chocolate lab puppy or chicks and ducklings?  I can tell you from experience which one wins.

My children were very excited about getting a dog.  It was one of the new possibilities we offered when we were moving to a new house.  They were so excited, one of them even bought a plastic animal one day from Fleet Farm just to feel closer to having a pet.  Then, we got the dog and they pretty much ignore him after a few days.  This is after saying the most exciting part about moving was that they could get a dog.

However…the chicks and ducklings which they wanted but my wife and I surprised them with don’t look like they are in for becoming old news anytime soon.

So who wins in the battle of dog vs ducklings? Do you have daughters in elementary school?  Skip the dog and buy them some chicks and ducklings!

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