New Manager

This is me. Just landed a position from a previous employer to manage the team I used to be a part of. I’m pumped. But also intimated. I am a new manager. The department is IT and the most experience I have is more in the project leadership side. Not an idea necessarily about personnel leadership. I have something that many don’t have in this position though. A great mentor.

I have been extremely excited to start this position since it’s been offered. I plan to chronicle the things I learn here to hopefully help others who are stepping into this role for the first time. Right now, you are not reading a how-to on management. So, please withhold the comments about how I can buy a domain name and suddenly become an expert. That isn’t true. This is not expert material. It is a raw journal for you to understand some of the things a person may go through when being entrusted with leadership for the first time.

I know that it is going to be an adventure. Really all I can give to you at this point is my approach. Two nuggets of wisdom that will be the foundation I plan to have for my leadership development. Both of these thoughts are from people who I look up to as leaders. The first one is that a leader should be focused on helping others succeed. The second is if you want to be a leader you should learn to ask the question, “What do you think?”

If you are a new manager, let me encourage you to start with a humble approach instead of a prideful one. I am not going to be a leader who intimidates people to get them to do what I want. I am not going to learn the art of manipulation. I plan to be honest, a good example, a valuable and intelligent contributing team member, and a nice person. If you think you need to be anything else to be a leader then my journal probably will not be the right comparison for you in your own leadership paths.

I am an excited new manager so wish me luck as I start week 2!

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