Manager or Psychologist

I have survived week 2 of being a new manager. Since I don’t have any formal management training I have been spending time here and there trying to learn some of the basics. As I stated in my New Manager post, my plan for management is to be focused on helping my team succeed. Since I am in a wonderful environment to learn this topic, I want to make sure to stay focused on it from the start.

I’m already recognizing a major dilemma faced by managers, whether or not they recognize it.  From the top, you are expected to make decisions that enhance and further the goals of the company.  From the bottom you are expected to enhance the abilities and remove obstacles from your reports so that they can be a part in creating success within the company.

From the top you need to understand business.  From the bottom you need to understand management.  I am going out on a limb to say that after 2 weeks, I realize these are not the same things.  Who would have thought?

As far as studying management though, I am realizing something even further though.  Here are some of the specifics

  1. Learning about management is really more like learning about psychology with authority.
  2. Authority is maybe given by your company, but you still must individually earn it with each member of your team.
  3. Individuals on your team are likely more interested in their careers then they are your business, so somehow you have to entice them to think about the big picture.

It would appear that understanding people is crucial.  That has to be learned both through study and experience.  I don’t think anyone can be a great manager the day they start.  Not until you have seen what succeeds and fails could you possible have an understanding of what you are doing.  On top of that, you must learn this art with each individual on your team.

I am going to reiterate an idea from week one.  The battle between humility and pride.  I believe that no weakness of yours will be as detrimental to your role as will be pride.  You must get rid of it.  But how?  I will have to find out because it is a weakness of mine.

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