You Care Too Much What Others Think

A few days ago I found the answer to a question that is often difficult for a man to answer.   The question is how to tell if you care too much what others think about you.  I already know that I am someone who cares too much about this, but I wanted a way for other men to find out for themselves.

Does it matter if you care?  I would say most certainly.  Because I care too much, I miss out on fun, I miss out on opportunities.  I spend too much time contemplating things and not enough time doing them.  In reality, it is a very miserable thing to care too much about  what others think.  Caring too much keeps you from living as full of a life as you could otherwise live.

So, the question you are waiting for.  How to know.  This can actually be done with different groups of people to prove within those groups if you are a timid, bashful and anxious follower or if you are your own man.  What you do is take the group in question to an all you can eat buffet in which you particularly like the food.  If you don’t leave stuffed, then you care too much.  It’s that simple.

No man in the right mind should ever leave an all you can eat buffet still hungry.  Would you still be hungry if you had gone with your best friend?  Your wife?  By yourself?

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