Another Expert Blog Site

Welcome to my page.  I am not really an expert in anything.  Please don’t take what you read here as me trying to tell you how to do things, because it’s just not that way.  Even if I suggest something to you, I am simply suggesting that it may be something you may want to think about and decide if it might be a solution to a problem you are experiencing. Yes. I am only a student-teacher.

I just like to write. I like to share what I learn. I also like to sound smart.  This site gives me a 2 for 3 automatically in those things with the 3rd highly debatable.  If I don’t actually teach you anything, hopefully I can at least entertain you. I will simply join in with the rest of the internet that says if someone is consuming what I put out there, it must make me an expert!

These are a few of the things that I like to share with everyone.

God is good and he is the only reason to become better at anything.  Since he created all things he is a master of all. If I can try to master some things then I am moving towards being an image bearer of him.  Thats cool.

As a man, I can always be a better one.  Some people openly share with me how I can be better.  Some just make my life difficult to try and make me better. I am married and have 3 kids, and they all deserve for me to become better man. Seeing as I’m a pretty tough critic of myself, my backlog of things to fix is quite long.

I am also an IT manager which is why my life has a backlog.  A real new manager, that is.  And although my advice may not seem very valuable at my age and experience, I have a great mentor and I actually like people so it may be a fresh approach to management.  I’m still waiting to know that for sure.

I have hobbies, quirks, dreams, and mistakes every day in my life too which will probably provide the entertainment factor.  So enjoy.  Come back again now, you hear?  Please drop my a line while you’re at it too at


Dan Lauerman (in case the email didn’t give it away)